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     This is a default HTML file as a placeholder in the user's directory. This user has not yet setup their website. Please try back at a later date.


     Designing/Uploading your pages:
     In order to setup your website, you will need to design your pages locally then FTP your pages and graphics into the FurCen.Org site using your login and password. All of your HTML files should be placed in your www/ directory, and all images for those pages under the www/images/ directory. For the best results, it is recommended that you setup the local directory on your machine in a similar manner so you may view and test your HTML pages before you upload them for the world to see. The default HTML file to be displayed in each directory must be named index.html or index.htm. If you do not have a file of that name in any of your directories, the webserver will display a directory listing to the user should they browse directly to that directory. Please also be aware that on our server, a tilde (~) is placed before a username to display that user's homepage(s), therefore, if your username is 'jurann', you would use 'http://www.furcen.org/~jurann/' to browse the site.

     Our webserver is case-sensative on file names, so for best results, make sure all files are in lowercase in both the href links to both images and pages, and be sure all the files you upload are in lowercase as well. Most FTP clients have an option to force all files to send/recieve in forced lowercase. If you require a good FTP program, we strongly recommend WS_FTP, which can be obtained at www.tucows.com.

     Some good ideas for securing your website, it's directories and subdirectories, and any non-public items therein are listed here. First of all, if you do not wish web surfers to see all the images in your site, make sure you put some kinda of index.html file in your images directory that either links back to your main page, or warn users that they shouldn't be snooping around. Also do this for every subdirectory in your site you wish to secure against directory listing.

     For more help:
     For further information on the webserver and how to setup your webpages, you can contact the FurCen.Org webmaster at: webmaster@furcen.org
     For technical support or any questions regarding the server in general, please contact: tech@furcen.org

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